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Saving energy with uPVC windows

While the cost of energy continues to increase, saving has never been easier. Heating costs can be drastically cut down with the installation of modern windows, along with advanced heating technology – but not only will your energy bills be significantly lower, you will also be able to enjoy a far more comfortable home environment! […]

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10 things to consider when choosing uPVC Apertures

Why choose uPVC apertures? There are plenty of reasons to choose uPVC apertures (for un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride) – based mostly on aesthetics and functionality. UPVC gives apertures a more luxurious finish while also being one of the most efficient aperture solutions on the market. Opting for uPVC is a financially sound choice because it’s […]

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7 Factors To Consider When Choosing Blinds For Your Home

Looking for the right choice of blinds can be a daunting task considering the various types of blinds available, ranging from Roller and Vertical blinds to Zebra and Venetian blinds. So how do we go about choosing the right set of blinds for our home that are both decorative and functional?

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