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Gates, Fencing & Railings

Gates, Fencing & Railings

Let us enhance and protect your property with stylish and modern aluminium, glass or wrought iron gates and fences. Our products come in a range of colours and styles to suit any aesthetic, and give you peace of mind and privacy without compromising on appearance. We can accommodate all types of gate structures such as swing gates, pedestrian gates and sliding gates.

Aluminium gates are strong and robust, we can accommodate very large dimensions too. Our gates have a long lifetime, with no maintenance needed, and we can assemble the gates on site.

The sash profiles, transoms, decorative elements and infills of our products come in a range of colours, patterns and effects, making use of INOX colour, so you are sure to find a style to suit your needs, whether you are going for a strikingly modern or a tastefully elegant effect.

The gates in the Prestige series (Prestige Classic and Prestige Elegance) have the sash and frame made of reinforced aluminium profiles coated in the colour of your choice. In the Modern series, the sash and the frame of the gates are made of anodised aluminium in INOX colour and all the connections of the sash are made with aluminium corner joints.

The fences in our Elegance range have the same colour for different components with the addition of ornamental profiles in INOX colour, while fences in the Classic range can have one or two colours. In both cases the columns are 60x60mm and can be coated in RAL or metallic colours. Our Modern range of fences have columns and accessories in anodised INOX finish, so they match anodised balcony railings for a modern and harmonious look for your property. The columns of our Modern fences come in 40x40mm and 60x60mm sizes.

Our fencing products have been chosen to complement our gate products and provide you with a harmonious result.

We have teamed up with the best local blacksmiths to be able to offer our clients the best wrought iron products on the local market.  All our wrougth iron products are powder coated and galvanised therefore can withstand the elements and time.  Made to measure and tailor made to one’s preferred design our wrought iron products offers the highest security, yet will give your apertures a stylish and artistic look.


Which Product Are You Interested In?

Prestige – Classic – Sliding Gate

The reinforced sash and frame of this gate can be coated with the colour of your choice. The sash combines two different profiles for vertical support, and uses special accessories for this method of strong construction, with no soldering is required. Request a quote or view image gallery.

Large sliding gate.
A large wood-effect aluminium gate.

Prestige – Elegance – Sliding Gate

This Prestige Elegance model comprises a horizontal design with gaps. The 14mm x 14mm profile of anodised colour provides a stylish wood effect while you still benefit from the strength and lifetime durability of aluminium. Request a quote or view image gallery.

Prestige – Elegance – Sliding Gate (blind)

This blind design has a stylish vertical pattern. With a matchboard infill and decorative use of INOX colour, this gate is an impressive addition to any property. Request a quote or view image gallery.

A corner gate
A large sliding gate.

Modern – Sliding Gate

Both sash and frame are manufactured from anodised aluminium in the INOX colour of your choice, and the construction features a sash connection made using aluminium corner joints.  Request a quote or view image gallery.

Modern – Sliding Gate (blind)

The blind design of this sliding gate provides complete privacy, while the anodised INOX colour of the sash, frame and alternate infills offsets the contrasting walnut coloured infills.  Request a quote or view image gallery.

A large sliding gate of wood and aluminium.
A pedestrian gate with a garden beyond it.

Modern – Swing Gate

This striking pedestrian gate with its horizontal design affords glimpses of the space beyond through the gaps between the panels. The profile of both sash and frame are anodised in INOX colour. Request a quote or view image gallery.

Modern – Swing Gate (blind)

The profile of the sash and frame of this striking modern door is anodised in INOX colour. The blind design features two horizontal traverses, and the infill between them is aluminium composite panel.  Request a quote or view image gallery.

A pedestrian gate.
A railing on a wall.

Fence – Classic

The Classic range includes this striking fence with brown metallic columns, and horizontal slats with gaps between them, also coated in the same colour. Request a quote or view image gallery.

Fence – Elegance

The columns of this fence from the Elegance range produce a truly elegant effect in conjunction with the beige INOX colour coating of the slats.  Request a quote or view image gallery.

Fencing running along a wall.
Stairs Glass Railings

Railing – Clear Glass

Our clear glass railing system is highly aesthetically pleasing and most importantly safe.  Made of the best material, this is ideal for balconies, staircases or around pool areas where you want to keep your view unobstructed.  Request a quote or view image gallery.

Railing – Vertical Aluminium

Our aluminum railing frame systems combine the durability of aluminum with the innovative design.   They assure structural integrity, are easy-to- install, attractive and cost effective.  Request a quote or view image gallery.

Balcony Railings
Clear Glass Railing

Railing – Glass & Aluminium

We offer a combination of clear glass and aluminium railing systems to the client’s specification.  This combination gives a contemporary style to your stairs or balconies.   Request a quote or view image gallery.

Wrought Iron Products

We offer various products in Wrought Iron to make your apertures secure, yet stylish and artistic.  Our Blacksmiths can forge any design of your choosing for your balcony, security bars, gates, railing and fencing.   Request a quote or view image gallery.

Wrought Iron Railing