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We offer a wide variety of high quality louvers which offer a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, adding character to your property’s facade whilst acting as a neutral ventilator helping to keep out direct sunshine and rain.

Which Product Are You Interested In?

Wooden Louvers

We offer wooden window and door louvers made of high quality materials which are suitable for both small renovations and larger projects. They offer great environmental protection and also reduce the noise pollution. With our wide range of wood types and colours we are sure to satisfy your space and taste requirements.

Pink wooden louver
Pink aluminium louvers

Aluminium Louvers

This type complements windows and doors with a variety of styles and designs including traditional, classic or modern. All shutter designs are equipped with large adjustable and high resistance mechanisms.

PVC Louvers

This type of louver offers varied and flexible, offering comfort, style and additional protection throughout the year. Our products meet European standards and are environment-friendly and recyclable.

White balcony louvers