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10 things to consider when choosing uPVC Apertures

March 29, 2021

    Why choose uPVC apertures?

    There are plenty of reasons to choose uPVC apertures (for un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride) – based mostly on aesthetics and functionality. UPVC gives apertures a more luxurious finish while also being one of the most efficient aperture solutions on the market. Opting for uPVC is a financially sound choice because it’s a look that doesn’t date, so will not need to be changed often. It also provides maximum functionality, is greatly durable, weather-resistant so suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and provides safety and security while being environmentally friendly.

    UPVC apertures have many positive qualities but tick three important boxes for people:

    • They offer high insulation levels
    • They offer high security
    • They are a low maintenance product

    How to choose the best uPVC windows and doors

    Now that you’ve decided that you need to install uPVC apertures, here are 10 things you should consider when choosing the best UPVC windows and doors for your home.

    1. Measurements

    It’s very important to get the size right; that includes the width and height of the aperture and know how thick you’d like the frame to be. A large aperture can afford to have a chunkier frame, while a narrow one would look far better with a smaller frame.

    1. Style

    There are different styles available to suit everyone’s tastes, be it Tilt & Turn windows, sliding windows, pivot windows, folding doors, or lift and slide doors. These are all available with various construction depths and are available at different glass thickness to accommodate different apertures.

    1. Location

    Your choice of uPVC will largely depend on the type of room that the window or door will be in, and especially whether it will be used for internal or external purposes. The different options available would need to serve their purpose according to their location.

    1. Colour

    Just like the styles, there is an array of colours available to suit different tastes and to reflect the tone of the location. You can choose from neutral whites and blacks, to earthy tones like wood effect, or inject some colour into the room with blues and greens.

    1. Climate

    For outdoor or external uPVC it’s important to be aware of the climate and environment of the apertures, taking note of whether the window or door will be sheltered, or whether it will be at the mercy of the elements getting hit by all sorts of weather, from direct sunshine to wind and rainstorms. Noise pollution is also an important factor to consider before making a decision on the final product.

    1. Permits

    Before creating any apertures for windows or doors and ordering your uPVC, check whether any permits are needed to avoid having legal hassles at a later date and incurring unnecessary expenses. For example, checking whether your building zone allows PVC.

    1. Suppliers & Brands

    Your windows and doors are an investment and not something that you’ll be changing often, so it’s important to choose a reputable uPVC supplier that can offer you good service, renowned brands, and, very importantly, will always treat you as an important client by providing impeccable aftersales service.

    1. Budget

    Know how much you would like to spend on your uPVC apertures and set a maximum limit. When you’re planning and ordering your apertures, inform your supplier about your budget so that they will be able to offer you options that fit your budget.

    1. Timeline

    Don’t leave it till the last minute! uPVC apertures will need to be made according to your measurements, choice of colour, style, glass, etc. so make sure to plan ahead and have a clear idea of when you need them to be installed, and inform your supplier about this date so that they can also plan to deliver on time.

    1. Warranty

    Although it’s unlikely that anything would go wrong with your uPVC apertures, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and be safe. Check that your chosen uPVC comes with a warranty that will safeguard your consumer rights.


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