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Making good use of your roof or outdoor space this Summer

May 20, 2020


    Are you utilising your roof or outdoor space effectively?

    Are you making good use of your roof or outdoor space this Summer?  It is well known that with the scorching Summer Sun roofs and outdoor patios are not the most comfortable place to relax unless you want to soak the sun.  However now a days there are different solutions to create a shady spot in your outdoor areas and create a nice liveable space to relax throughout the day.  Providing shading on your roof or outdoor space can protect any plants from the direct sun as well as it will allow your children or pets to run freely and play outdoors without burning their feet or paws.

    The most common and popular shading solution for this Summer is to install a Pergola.  These structures which are usually made of aluminium are strong and can withstand the elements therefore can be used all year round and not just in the Summer.  A Pergola will give plenty of protection against the elements and can come in many shapes and sizes.  The roof of a Pergola can be made of canvas fabric, aluminium louvers or even in opaque or clear glass.  You can opt to have the Pergola motorised so that the roof can retract fully or have the louvers opening and closing by just pressing a button.  This will allow  you to decide how much air or sun you want to allow.    The sides of the Pergola can remain open or you can opt to either install fixed or removable windows, or have motorised windows that you can control through a remote control.  Another option would be to install roller blinds to the sides of the Pergola so that it will provide you with even more shading.

    Retractable Pergola (aka Canopies) are practical and give an elegant finish to your outdoor space.  They will allow you to use the space more efficiently and you could dine al’ fresco or organise lunch time barbecues, keeping you and your family protected from the hot Summer Rays.  With the simple push of a button you can be protected from the elements or enjoy open skies, taking full advantage of staying at home.

    Whichever Pergola option you choose, a Pergola roof will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round and have a comfortable shady space to relax with a nice glass of wine whilst reading a book or working on your laptop.  This allows you to make good use of your roof or outdoor space this Summer.


    Awnings are also popular shading product which are adequate to install on top of doors leading to your terrace, roof or balcony.   The most popular are the motorised retractable awnings  which are perfect for Malta even if you have the option to install a manual awning which will be far more cost effectively, but only applies to small sized awnings.  Awnings can be customised and there are many different styles of fabrics to choose from. It can be installed with a wind sensor which will automatically close the awning on windy days.

    Here are some of the Pergolas that were installed by our team at Adore More.

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    Make the most of this Summer!