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Glass Office Partitioning Systems

Glass Office Partitioning Systems

Our Glass Office Partitioning systems that we develop and produce our office partition systems according to the highest quality standards, to meet all the international standards and with the manufacturer quality commitment. Our innovative system promotes interaction by creating work spaces that work for people, opening doors to communication and the exchange of ideas.  An excellent way of facilitating teamwork while respecting the needs of the individual.

Our Office Systems comes in different forms and sizes.


Byblos SB-600 is a self-portant solution for fast and safe division of workplaces. Byblos can be used as individual elements or combining different system modules. ……
Adore More offers a flexible and modular solution to create functional areas and spaces in open concept offices. With very versatile use options, Byblos SB-600 helps limit open space, defines different areas of work and provides different areas for work teams and their different activities.

Our Systems are functional and aesthetically pleasing

Which Product Are You Interested In?

We offer various office partitioning systems to segregates your open work place and make it functional yet private. We have two different brands of office partitioning system;  Trebe Series or the Kubik Series.  Check out our catalogues.

Office space separation partitioning can increase employee productivity