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Outdoor Shading Solutions – Pergola & Awning

Outdoor Shading Solutions

We have the ability to supply customized shading systems that cater for the most demanding of requirements and we strive to offer natural, environmentally friendly solutions. From the systems and mechanisms, to the fabrics and colours we offer integrated, efficient and reliable solutions that respect humans and care for the environment, contributing to energy and cost savings.

Which Product Are You Interested In?

Bio-Climatic Aluminium Pergolas

The bio-climatic aluminum pergola offers a unique multi-faceted solution. Made from aluminium, our bio-climatic pergola help regulate the temperature during all seasons and protect against heat, wind and bad weather. Request a quote or view image gallery.

Shading Solutions
Outdoor Shading Solutions

Heavyweight Pergolas

Our heavyweight pergolas serve to completely protect against the elements. We offer a varied selection and quality materials . Request a quote or view image gallery.

Shading Structures

In the Mediterranean, the use of external shading structures is essential, as it is directly related to saving energy, creating a good relationship between the building and the environment, & protecting humans from harmful UV sunlight. We work with some of the best suppliers in Europe, giving us the ability to offer a product range that is characterized by unparalleled quality & unique aesthetics.  Request a quote or view image gallery.

Outdoor Shading Solutions


A conservatory gives you the opportunity to utilise your outdoor space more effectively both during Summer and Winter.  Made to measure  and with various compositions available such as glass retractable roof, guillotine style windows amongst other options, a conservatory can enhance your property market value whilst giving you a space to relax in your free time.  Request a quote or view image gallery.


A skylights are becoming very popular, since these allows internal courtyards to be enclosed to protect them from the elements, yet does not compromise on the natural light.   Request a quote or view image gallery.

Skylight MB2
Retractable Awning Adore More Malta


Awnings are popular shading product which are adequate to install on top of doors leading to your terrace, roof or balcony.   The most popular are the motorised retractable awnings however we can also supply and install manual awnings which are more cost effective.  We have different styles of fabrics to choose from as well as can be accessorised with wind sensors.  Request a quote or view image gallery.