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Apertures – Windows & Doors

Apertures: Windows & Doors

Adore More offers a varied selection of external apertures made from PVC-U, Thermal Aluminium Systems and Thermal Solid Wood Systems. All products and brands are fully insulated and secure.

Whether it is a new building or renovation, here at Adore More we offer the highest quality products at competitive prices.

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PVC Systems

Adore More offers KÖMMERLING PVC-U window and balcony door systems which are available in a wide range of system variants with various construction depths. Request a quote or view image gallery.

PVC Apertures
PVC Apertures

PVC Sliding & Folding Systems

We supply a wide range of sliding systems with various construction depths including sliding windows, sliding doors, ’tilt & slide’ doors or ‘lift and slide’ doors. Request a quote or view image gallery.

Aluminium Systems

We supply thermal break aluminium that is of the highest of standards. We offer Elvial profile systems, as well as Schueco aluminium systems (the international leader of aluminium systems). Request a quote or view image gallery.

Aluminium Apertures

Aluminium Sliding & Folding systems

Our highly thermally insulated sliding and folding door systems (using Elvial or Schueco profiles) combine architecture, design and functionality in a way that serves to provide insulation and security whilst making the most of your space.  Request a quote or view image gallery.

Wooden Systems

Our wood finishes and construction stands out from the rest of the market. Our 69mm solid wood profile, which  is made of 3 solid / glued-laminated timber can be customized to any design and specifications you may choose. We use materials that are of the highest quality, certified timber and high-end robotic electrostatic varnishing paint, which offers the great advantage of having flexible varnish, thus avoiding cracks with wood movement. Request a quote or view image gallery.

5 Popular uPVC Apertures (windows and doors) for your Home.

Wooden Sliding & Folding Systems

The wood types we use include Meranti, Niangon, Ash and Oak. We offer a variety of systems including sliding windows, sliding doors, ’tilt & slide’ doors / or ‘lift and slide’ doors. All our wooden systems offer high locking security levels and a high level of thermal insulation. Request a quote or view image gallery.

Steel Apertures

Adore More offers tailor-made window and door steel apertures made from 100% steel. The apertures’ uniquely slender profile provides brightness and spatial well-being to any space. Take your project’s design to the next level with the minimalist, sleek properties of our range of steel apertures. Request a quote today.