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Saving energy with uPVC windows

January 18, 2022

    While the cost of energy continues to increase, saving has never been easier. Heating costs can be drastically cut down with the installation of modern windows, along with advanced heating technology – but not only will your energy bills be significantly lower, you will also be able to enjoy a far more comfortable home environment!

    Given that windows typically make up a third of a facade, one could say that they are responsible for maintaining the indoor temperature. In fact, 40% of the total heating energy in a single-family home usually escapes through the windows, and old windows let out around four to ten times more energy than those with thermal insulation profiles.

    Moreover, even the smallest of window openings will do a lot of damage to your home temperature.


    So, how can one know if their windows are well insulated?

    U-factor ratings measure how well the insulating glass can retain heat. The smaller the U-value in uPVC windows, the greater the thermal insulation.

    uPVC windows carry several benefits. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride has low conductivity, which is what makes them the ideal choice for saving energy. A double glazed window with a uPVC frame can improve the thermal comfort of your home by almost 94%. Isn’t that impressive?

    Additionally, uPVC windows are durable, secure, recyclable, noise-reduction, and stand out for their refined aesthetic. Luckily, their installation also pays off financially, as it is a great return on investment for the buyer, who will be paying far less in energy costs for many years to come. Additionally, the property’s value will improve, along with the level of comfort and overall quality of life, while your carbon footprint is reduced.


    Adore More can guide you to choose the ideal windows based on your building’s requirements and the style you are after. Through 14 years of experience within the industry, we can guarantee that your windows are installed with great care by our team of experts.

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