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Office space separation partitioning can increase employee productivity

September 21, 2019

    Office space separation partitioning can increase employee productivity

    Office space separation partitioning can increase employee productivity

    An office is not just a place where people go to work but it’s a place where employees spend majority of their time, so they want to be comfortable whilst enjoying a friendly and adequate environment and this is why an office space must be planned ahead taking into consideration a number of factors since the setup is extremely important.   The better the environment, the better is the employee’s productivity.  According to research, better interiors can positively increase the productivity in an office environment by up to 80%. It will also increase the employee’s motivation and enhance their overall performance.

    ‘Office space separation partitioning can increase employee productivity’

    Partitioning the office space plays a significant role when it comes to enhancing the overall productivity of the employees. Office partitions are an ideal way to divide up space within your office as they provide a flexible, aesthetically pleasing and low-cost method for creating individual offices or meeting rooms.


    Tailor made to your space.

    Glass office partitioning system has become very popular presently as this type of material creates the feeling of openness. This type of system is also very popular as it allows meeting rooms to be divided into smaller spaces, hence allowing multiple meetings to take place simultaneously whilst utilising the same space.  Glass partitions are produced in single or double-glazed and can have blinds between the glass to offer privacy when needed. There are different versions including framed or frameless, variety of colour compositions and a combination of wood and glass.  Designs can be customised by adding corporate or branded graphics and/or opaque panels.

    Parted cubicles give the employee a feel of security and confidence as well as gives them the possibility of making and receiving calls without disturbing their nearby colleagues.  Separate cubicles offer lesser distraction therefore enhances the focus of people working within the office.

    Office partitioning allows the flexibility to rearrange the current working spaces dependent on the current exigencies of the business and is a highly cost-effective solution as can be easily customised to meet a wide variety of needs.


    Any design and composition.

    Adore More Ltd are exclusive importers of SITAB, a company with international presence working in office interior design projects worldwide.  They designed and patented an interior partition system which brings today, the offices of the future.


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