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Blinds & Insect Screens

Blinds & Insect Screens

Our blinds & Insect Screens combine architectural and functional requirements perfectly, offering protection from today’s strong solar rays whilst being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Which Product Are You Interested In?

Allusion Vertical Blinds

If you’re looking to create an instant impact in your home with something a little different then Allusion blinds would be the perfect choice. Suitable for all
window types, Allusion blinds really come into their own in larger windows and bi-folding doors where their unique flowing fabric vanes allow you to enjoy both light and privacy.

Roller Blinds

These offer a style that is timeless and stylish. Our vast range of fabrics and colours will suit any space, whether you are looking for something subtle and plain or something more vibrant and colourful. You will be sure to find a style that suits your requirements.

Internal roller blinds
A roller blind

Roman Blinds

These add elegance and luxury to any home whilst effectively blocking out excess light from outside. We offer a wide range of colours, fabrics and styles made-to-measure to suit your needs.

Zebra Blinds

Light Filtering also known as transitional shades. They offer both sheer and light filtering fabrics in the same shade that creates a zebra like pattern. You can raise these similar to a traditional shade, but you also have the option to align the front and back sections for privacy or to allow some light to filter through. Leave your shades open during daytime hours and gain incredible view-through, close them partially to protect your family and home from harmful UV rays and intense light, or shut them completely at night for the privacy you need.

Zebra blinds
Vertical Blind

Vertical Blinds

A classic style, these comes in a variety of shades including the traditional beige to more vibrant colours.

Bamboo Blinds

These have an incredible way of adding texture to a room. They come in a variety of wood shades, making them the perfect compliment to any flooring.

Blue internal venetian blinds.

Venetian Blinds

Our range of products in this category offers the perfect complement to a variety of different rooms and apertures. From a wooden effect to bright modern colours, you are sure to find your colour of choice at Adore More.

External Blinds

These are not only functional, but also add a stylish touch to your home. They give you full control over the amount of sunlight that enters your home, as well as the added benefit of savings on air-conditioning costs in summer.

External shades for windows

Insect Screens

Adore More provides a wide variety of made to measure insect screen which offers solutions for covering any type of opening. Whether fixed, permanent or removable you can find the ideal insect screen product which will add functionality and beauty to your space, keeping dust and insects at bay.