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Terms & Conditions

In the following contract of sale, the term ‘Seller’ shall mean ‘Adore More Ltd. a company with registration no C83900 and the term, ‘Buyer” refers to the person or persons affecting the purchase from the Seller and / or any per son acting on his/her behalf.

1. Quotation is subject to acceptance within 30 days from date shown. Unless a firm order is placed in writing, the Seller reserves the right to alter the price quoted in any given quotation without prior notice.

2. No order shall be subject to cancellation either in whole or in part without the Seller’s prior written consent. If Buyer desires to cancel an order and the Seller gives its consent as aforesaid, the deposit paid on signing of the contract of sale shall be forfeited in favour of the Seller and the Buyer shall lose all rights to the goods ordered.

3. On taking measurements we will reduce clearance from the smallest width and height of the aperture. The necessary clearance is required to fit the product in the aperture and level it correctly. The amount of clearance required is decided by the Seller, unless otherwise stated by Buyer.

4. Any changes requested for by the Buyer after signing of the contract shall be quoted for separately and agreed to by both parties. Such changes will influence the agreed date of delivery. In the case of products requiring installation it is the Buyer ’s responsibility to have the room ready from all ancillary trades’ necessities for the installation. In the negative, the Buyer shall be liable to:

  • Paying all extra expenses incurred
  • Effect all payment as agreed to in the contract
  • Accept a new delivery date, as can be, scheduled by the Seller.

5. The Seller undertakes to use every reasonable endeavour to affect delivery as agreed with the Buyer. However, should delivery be delayed for any reason outside the Seller’s control, the Seller will not assume responsibility.

6. If for any reason what so ever the Buyer cannot accept delivery on the date communicated to him by the Seller, the Buyer will become liable to a storage charge. Furthermore, the Buyer shall affect all payments as agreed, as if the delivery has been affected.

7. If the Seller sends two notices to the address of the Buyer, as furnished by the Buyer, that the goods ordered are ready for delivery, and the Buyer ignores or does not promptly act upon these notifications, then the order shall on the tenth day after the date of the second notice be considered as being cancelled and the deposit made on the signing of the contract of sale shall be forfeited in favour of the Seller, and the Buyer shall lose all rights to the goods ordered. More over the Seller reserves the right to sue the Buyer for damages sustained.

8. Payment of goods must be affected prior to delivery as indicated on Sales Order. On receipt of payment the Buyer will be contacted to set date for delivery and installation. If the Buyer takes X amount of days or weeks to effect delivery payment, such amount of days or weeks will be added to the delivery and installation period agreed on signing the Sales Order. Failure to effect delivery payment within a maximum of 4 weeks from notification, will result in the order being considered as cancelled and the deposit made on the signing of the contract of sale shall be forfeited in favour of the Seller, and the Buyer shall lose all rights to the goods ordered.

9. The product is to be inspected by the Buyer upon delivery and any claims are to be notified to the Seller within 24 hours from delivery. No claims will be entertained by the Seller after the 24 hours period elapses.

10. Wood being a natural material, variations in colour, wood grain and finish will occur, also fabrics used for blinds and other shading systems may have variations from samples shown.

11. The prices agreed upon for joinery works and other interior decorations are intended for fixing into properly prepared masonry unless otherwise stated in writing. The Seller is not responsible for correcting or making good any misalignment, distortions or deficiency in the building structure, flooring, plaster work and decoration, unless such services are specifically requested by Buyer and agreed upon beforehand at order stage in writing.

12. The Seller shall not be held responsible for any warping splitting and cracking of solid wood and polish resulting from abnormal conditions existing in the environment, such as humidity, excessive heat, dampness etc. Save for the above, the Seller guarantees the workmanship and material within the limits prescribed by law. Fittings and fabrics are not covered by any form of Guarantee.

13. Each order shall be considered separate and distinct from one another.

14. Prices quoted are inclusive of Tax at current rates. The Seller reserves the right to alter the price should the tax rate change.

15. All orders are subject to a deposit equivalent to an agreed percentage of the value of the order. This deposit is to be paid by the Buyer to the Seller upon the signing of the contract of sale. No orders will be processed by the Seller unless the said deposit is paid by Buyer.

16. Were delivery of products is affected by the Seller, this is strictly to ground floor levels, subject to accessibility of the premises. If the use of a crane or any other lifting equipment is required, the cost of hiring such equipment will be borne by the Buyer. Any permits required shall be the Buyer’s responsibility and cost.

17. The Seller will only give an approximate time of delivery to the Buyer. Variations in deliver times may occur due to delivery planning constraints.

18. The Buyer has the full responsibility to make sure that the site where the installation will be carried out by the Seller, has no health and safety hazards. Any health and safety hazards are the responsibility of the buyer to be rectified according to the health and safety guidelines applied by local Maltese authorities, prior to the delivery of the goods from the Seller.

19. In the case that the Buyer does not rectify health and safety hazards, the Seller will have to cancel or even stop the ongoing installations on the site. In such case the Buyer has the right to rectify the hazard immediately, but if the installations will need to be postponed a cancellation fee of minimum 500.00 euros will be invoiced to the Buyer.

20. During the current circumstances as part of Covid-19 measures the seller requests the Buyer that during any installations carried out by the Seller, no other workers are present were 4 square meter distancing cannot be assured.

21. Adore More Ltd. shall process personal data in line with the Data Protection Act (CAP.586) and Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR). As our terms and conditions state, by entering into our standard invoice payment terms, the customer agrees that invoices not settled within the terms agreed, Adore More Ltd reserve the right to register this default with Creditinfo Malta Ltd. and interest at 8% will be charged on any overdue balances as per Legal Notice 272 of 2012.

22. Any Products Installed are Property of Adore More until Fully Paid.

23. Any late payment of fees due to Adore More Ltd shall incur immediately interest at the maximum rate allowed by law, together with a monthly penalty fee of twenty-five euro (€ 25).

24. Notwithstanding any guarantee period, and unless agreed to the contrary, clients who require Adore More Ltd’s services from time to time, shall be charged a fifty euros (€50) charge, which charge shall be due to the employee providing the on call service, and an hourly labour charge of forty euros (€40), which charge shall be due to Adore More Ltd.


All products are covered against manufacturing defect (i.e. a flaw in the product design, materials or workmanship that causes the product to no longer function). Products have a limited warranty period, as follows.

  • 10 years on White Koemmerling, and KBE uPVC Profiles, and Double-Glazing Insulation, excluding gaskets.
  • 10 years on White Proline uPVC Profiles, excluding gaskets.
  • 8 years on GU Hardware of exterior apertures, used on Koemmerling and KBE Profiles, excluding handles.
  • 5 years on Coloured Koemmerling and KBE UPVC Profiles, excluding gaskets.
  • 5 Years on Coloured Proline Profiles, excluding gaskets.
  • 5 years on White or Coloured Aluminum Profile in Schuco and Elvial.
  • 2 Years on Proline Hardware and gaskets for exterior apertures, excluding handles.
  • 2 years on Blinds, External Shading Products including Awnings, Motors, Gates, Railings, Fences & Internal Doors.
  • 1 year on labour for any product.


Delivery time commences from when the buyer signs the Sales Order. Delivery times given are subject to change without prior notice given. Below delivery times do not include the expectancy time for installation. Our Manufacturers will close for their shutdown periods during the full months of August and December, therefore if your order is between these periods, you would have to include an additional 4 weeks to your order delivery times below.

  • PVC Apertures in White or Colours 032, 052, 058, 016, 021, 085, 167 and
  • Met brush Silver: approximately 6-8 weeks
  • PVC Apertures in all other Colours and dual Colours: approximately 12 weeks
  • Aluminium Apertures in White: approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • Aluminium Apertures in Colour: approximately 8-10 weeks
  • Aluminium Apertures in Dual Colour: approximately 12 weeks
  • Wooden exterior apertures: approximately 10-12 weeks
  • Interior Doors: approximately 12 weeks
  • Exterior Blinds: approximately 6 weeks
  • External shading: approximately 6-8 weeks
  • Interior Blinds: approximately 4-5 weeks
  • Gates, Railings and Fences: approximately 6-8 weeks

Warranty is subject to adherence to the maintenance-cleaning instructions provided after the installation. Warranty does not cover damage due improper usage, lack of maintenance, attempted burglary, non-recommended cleaning/maintenance or damage due to extreme weather conditions.